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for long have been a trend in online marketing. Who is not on Facebook or Instagram as if he was not existing at all. And this applies to any area of ​​business, including B2B.

The world of social networks is changing very actively, new trends and changes in algorithms appear every month, which can mean almost zero reach for you.

In Promolab®, we will create an account for you on social networks from scratch or take over an existing one. As part of the management of social networks, we take care of everything from A to Z.

  • We create creative photo and video content
  • We will build your unique brand image in the online world
  • We will manage your profiles on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, LinkedIn or any other social network Instagram, Youtube, LinkedIn or any other social network
  • We will design graphics for posts and stories
  • We will set up campaigns and PPC advertising to measure
  • We can address your target group with your profile
  • We'll get you more followers
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