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The world of marketing has attracted me since my student years. Already at this time I started working as a social media manager. Over time, the beauty of the world of advertising and media opened up to me even more. What is the beauty about? For me it is about the combination of style, harmony and creation on the one hand and detailed analysis, optimization of procedures and fine-tuning of details on the other hand. Also of course, in the delicate balance of the feeling of creative freedom and fulfillment of the customer's wishes. In order to better understand this harmony of hardly compatible and contradictory things, I focused my studies both on style, fashion and design (Marangoni, Fashion Business, Milan, Italy) and on economics and administration (VSFS, Marketing Communication, Prague). At Promolab, I focus mainly on communication with clients, team management, training of companies in the field of social networks and influencer management.

Evgenia Klochay

We are a team of professionals, but mainly marketing enthusiasts. Online is our lifestyle and in the world of social networks we move like a fish in the sea. We speak to your fans online with a language they understand. We know how to reach your target group and help them sell your brand, product or service.

We rely on a personal approach to each client and your satisfaction is our business card. Efficiency and adherence to deadlines are the pillars on which we base each project. We do our best for your success.


Gradually, with the growing experience, with new orders and with the expansion of contacts, our team of professionals and real enthusiasts in their field also got together. We are a group of people who like marketing, for whom work is primarily a way of self-realization and expression. We create a team that respects every client. Our results and references speak for themselves. We always try to give everything something extra.
We will be very happy if you become one of our partners.
Promolab® - we do what we say.

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